13 Mar 2009

US Pacific territories included in federal stimulus recovery package

10:16 am on 13 March 2009

The U.S. Pacific territories will receive close to $59 million from the U.S. Energy Department as part of the department's share of the federal stimulus recovery package.

Funding for the territories is part of the $8 billion in state and local weatherization and energy efficiency efforts announced today in Washington D.C.

According to the Energy Department, American Samoa will receive about $720,000 for weatherizaton and $18.5 million in state energy program funding, totaling $19.2 million.

Totaling funding for the two programs for Guam stands at $20.2 million while it's $19.4 million for CNMI.

This is the first installment of funding and additional funding will be released over time as states and territories demonstrate that they are using the funding effectively and responsibly to create jobs and cut energy use.