12 Feb 2009

Pacific police to help in fight against HIV/AIDs

11:13 am on 12 February 2009

Pacific Police from 21 Pacific countries plan to help fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in their communities by raising awareness about the disease.

This comes after police officials from Asia Pacific countries discussed improving links between police and people living with HIV during a UN conference in Thailand.

Janine Monahan, from the New Zealand Police, says police have a duty to protect their communities and providing public awareness about HIV is one part of this.

"What we're saying now that because of the mobility within our staff going around and being on peacekeeping missions, we also need to be aware that this is something that no longer we are isolated from. So as police often we're seen as of course you know crime is our main focus. This one just goes that next step and actually is saying that we need to make sure that our members are aware of the risks of HIV."

Janine Monahan of the New Zealand Pacific police unit.