6 Feb 2009

A company in Samoa to produce packaging for Asam canneries

12:04 pm on 6 February 2009

A company in Apia may soon be producing packaging for the canneries in American Samoa.

The Managing Director of Wilex Samoa Packaging, Eddie Wilson, says he has been holding talks for sometime with officials of Star Kist Samoa and Samoa Packing regarding this possibility.

The company is hoping to secure a contract to supply the cardboard boxes which cans of wahoo are sold in.

Wilson told the Samoa Observer newspaper that he was expecting to finalise an arrangement with the canneries within the next couple of weeks.

Wilex opened its box making operation in November 2007 and has almost tripled its production level.

He says the proximity of American Samoa and the regular freight service between Samoa and the territory makes this an ideal venture.