23 Dec 2008

Over 200 Hawaii state workers to forgo a pay hike under Bill

8:27 pm on 23 December 2008

More than 200 state workers, including 90 judges and 42 administrators, will forgo a pay hike next year under a bill proposed by Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle.

The Honolulu Star Bulletin reports the bill is aimed at resolving the state's looming 1.1 billion US dollar budget shortfall.

The proposed suspension of pay hikes will save the state 4.1 million dollars over two years.

Governor Lingle says she's also asking state employee unions to forgo proposing pay increases in the upcoming collective bargaining negotiations.

This is why she says it's important for state leaders to make sacrifices and lead by example.

The move would affect legislators, 42 executive branch administrators, due for a 5 percent pay hike on July 1, and all state judges, due for a 10 percent raise at the same time.