11 Dec 2008

Solomon Islands passes 2009 budget

11:17 am on 11 December 2008

After a week of debate and three days of scrutiny by Parliament's Committee of Supply the Solomon Islands government's 2009 Appropriation Bill was passed in its third and final reading by Parliament.

The bill which contains the government's budget for next year was passed with out any changes to it, since it was brought before Parliament.

The bill amounts to 53 million US dollars or 400 million Solomon Islands dollars, 300 million Solomon Islands dollars more than last year with the education ministry getting the highest allocation.

The Minister of Finance, Synder Rini read the final reading in parliament.

"Mr Speaker, I move that the 2009 appropriations bill 2008 be now read a third time and due pass, all those in favour say I."

The 2009 national budget is the highest in Solomon Islands history.