24 Nov 2008

The church has important role to play in reducing family violence in NZ, says Reverend

12:03 pm on 24 November 2008

The Tokelauan church minister in Porirua just north of Wellington says church has an important role to play in reducing family violence.

The Reverend Tui Sopoaga's comments come after the annual Strong Pacific Families eight kilometre march from Waitangirua in Porirua East to the city centre, near Wellington where hundreds of people from the Pacific communities united to say family violence will not be tolerated

The reverend has no doubts about the role of the church when it comes to family violence

"Very important for the church to be involved in such thing as this especially families you know because I think the church is I think is so important to everyone."

The annual march also kicked off week long events that include showcasing things Pacific.