6 Nov 2008

Presidential contenders in Palau holds a slim lead

8:55 am on 6 November 2008

In Palau, presidential contender Johnson Toribiong and running mate Kerai Mariur hold a slim lead with only non-resident ballots left to be counted.

The Pacific Magazine says the Toribiong-Mariur team has a 264 vote margin over Elias Camsek Chin, Palau's current vice president, and his running mate, Senator Alan Seid.

The Toribiong team received 3,928 votes with Chin trailing with 3,664.

The only votes remaining to be counted are those cast by Palauans living on Guam, the Northern Marianas and Hawaii.

Absentee ballots, which are due by November 11 to be eligible for consideration, also remain to be tallied.