11 Sep 2008

Solomons Police Commissioner defends arrest of elderly couple

5:57 am on 11 September 2008

Solomon Islands Acting Police Commissioner Peter Marshall has rejected claims that the arrest of people who hinder police investigations are unnecessary or culturally inappropriate.

Mr Marshall made the statement following resentment over the arrest of an elderly couple in the Weather Coast of Guadalcanal for harbouring criminals.

It was the son of the couple that led the attack by six men with machetes last week resulting in a New Zealand RAMSI Police Officer receiving severe wounds to his leg.

Mr Marshall says the son is also wanted in connection with the deaths of three Solomon Islanders and Police have been looking for him since 1999.

He says police will no longer tolerate members of the community helping him to hide or escape.

He says the Police are serious about responding to community concerns that people who committed very serious crimes during the tensions are yet to be brought to justice.

Mr Marshall says many attempts to catch them have failed because some people have helped them avoid arrest.