15 Jul 2008

New Samoa political grouping's initial impact expected to be minor

9:47 pm on 15 July 2008

An academic in Samoa expects the newly formed Tautua Samoa political party to have only minimal political impact at this stage.

Twelve independent MPs have formed the new grouping that will be in the centre of the political spectrum.

The MPs could lose their seats in parliament if they registered as Tautua Samoa members.

A decision is expected later today whether the members will register the party as a company, or with its public membership but without the names of the parliamentarians.

A Samoa National University professor for Samoan Studies Asofou So'o says that means the party won't have any real representation in parliament.

He says this could cause problems.

"I don't think they'll have much impact if any politically even with the numbers that they have. What they should try and do is build up for the next general election and that's what they're doing. But in terms of having any impact on the way things are now done in the country is run is very minimal, if any."

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Asofou So'o says it is a good long-term plan to have another political party.