29 Apr 2008

Solomons government encourages farmers to grow rice

8:53 pm on 29 April 2008

Solomon Islands Government is encouraging farmers to grow more rice amid soaring world food prices.

The Minister of Environment made the call as the country faces a sharp increase in the price of imported rice.

But as our correspondent in Honiara, Dorothy Wickham, reports the plan might not be viable.

"There's going to be a political will behind anything that takes place. If they are to push rice farming in the country then there needs to be an infrastructure, the training that needs to be put in, access to the land that they need to plant the rice on and also they have to look at various aspects of rice farming, the geographics of certain areas and also our weather patterns. These are some of the issues. I don't think they will be able to produce that volume locally. While at a political level they talk about it, but the implementation on the ground, that's going to be difficult."

Dorothy Wickham