5 Apr 2008

Nauru MP says Speaker continues to make mockery of Parliament

10:21 am on 5 April 2008

Nauru's Foreign and Finance minister, Dr Kieren Keke, says the Speaker continues to make a mockery of parliamentary procedure.

The Speaker, David Adeang, succeeded two weeks ago in pushing through amendments to the Citizenship Act which make it illegal for MPs with dual nationality to sit in the Parliament.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard submissions from the government on the issue for most of the day and the counsel representing the opposition will present submissions today.

Meanwhile, in Parliament, Mr Adeang rang the bells after the court adjourned and then repeated his demand for Dr Kieren Keke and Frederick Pitcher to leave the chamber, who both refused.

Mr Adeang then told the house that while he was interested in the proceedings in the Supreme Court he would take whatever came out of it as just an opinion.

But Dr Kieren Keke says the Speaker now apparently sees himself above the highest court in the land, which is the only body qualified to determine MP's eligibility

He also said the last Speaker who decided not to take heed of the Supreme Court was most unceremoniously dumped by his voters and has since left the country.

The house was again suspended, without any indication of when it would resume.