15 Mar 2008

Calls for Fiji's interim prime minister to take stand in court

10:57 am on 15 March 2008

The lawyer for Fiji's deposed Prime Minister has argued in the Suva High Court that interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama must take the stand for the state to prove its case.

Gerard McCoy, the State's counsel has used a Great Council of Chiefs document to support the argument that the 2006 coup was necessary.

Laisenia Qarase's lawyer, Nye Perram, says the irony now is that now Commodore Bainimarama hides behind his lawyer.

Matelita Ragogo reports.

"Perram came back this afternoon and said that the defence did not use provisions of the statement in totality. What he said was for the doctrine of necessity to be proven the defence should have brought Bainimarama onto the stand. For the question of necessity to be answered, Frank Bainimarama should be brought to the courthouse, should be in the witness box to answer questions."

The case continues, with closing arguments expected to begin on Tuesday.