18 Feb 2008

CNMI Governor planning to sack nearly a thousand workers to cut costs

8:10 pm on 18 February 2008

The chairman of the Northern Marianas' House Ways and Means Committee says a budget proposal by Governor Benigno Fitial would eliminate 964 government jobs.

Representative Ray Yumul says the governor intends sacking nearly 1,000 people and he wants the House to agree.

Under the constitution, the current budget will remain in effect under a continuing resolution until a new budget bill becomes law.

Mr Yumul says Governor Fitial hasn't submitted a balanced budget.

Governor Fitial had submitted a $168 million budget on Sept. 10, but two days later he sent the House a revised $160.1 million proposal without any new details to explain the $8.6 million discrepancy.

Mr Yumul says the House is working on a draft budget bill of its own.