19 Dec 2007

Samoa's head of state presents traditional gifts to Parliament

11:45 am on 19 December 2007

Thousands of Samoan fine mats or Ie Samoa, tapa cloths as well as food and money have been gifted during a traditional presentation known as o'o to local churches and members of parliament by Samoa's head of state, Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese Efi, and his wife, Masiofo Filifilia Tamasese.

The ceremony was held at Tiafau malae in front of the parliament house where hundreds of members of the Tupua Tamasese's extended family took part.

A member of the head of state's family says the traditional presentation was to thank parliament for the election of one of the tamaaigas, holder of a princely paramount matai title, to the position of head of state.

The current head of state is the first to have been appointed by parliament.