22 Nov 2007

Lawyers for Ballu Khan suing Fiji interim government alleging assault and battery, and wrongful impr

4:14 pm on 22 November 2007

Lawyers for New Zealand businessman Ballu Khan are suing the interim Government for around 26 million US dollars, for his treatment by Fiji authorities.

Ballu Khan was arrested in relation to an alleged plot to kill Fiji's Prime Minister and other leaders.

He's now in hospital, and his lawyers have said he remains seriously ill after suffering a fractured skull and cheekbone during his arrest

Mr Khan's lead counsel, Peter Williams QC, says the allegations including assault and battery, and wrongful imprisonment.

He says it is a serious matter and a writ has been filed and served this morning.

"I don't think there was any breakthrough one way or another, there' been so much injurious material that's been promulgated by the police and so forth against him, I think it was necessary to balance the books, and now his side of it has been put forward. But I think he's got great support over here, I think the rank and file police support him, and I think basically the people of Fiji support him."

Peter Williams QC refuses to comment on the interim Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama's allegation that Mr Khan is faking his injuries, but says he is surprised a Prime Minister would get involved in that way.