21 Sep 2007

Samoa proposes roadside switch to get cheaper cars from NZ

2:09 pm on 21 September 2007

The Transport Control Board in Samoa says residents will be able to afford to buy cheaper cars from New Zealand and Australia if the country switches to driving on the left-hand side.

The Board has proposed that road users end driving on the right side as has been the rule since the German colonisation.

Its secretary, Tusa Misi Tupuola, says it wants a change because most Samoans can't afford to buy cars.

"The people here in Samoa, they can't afford to pay for these left-hand side vehicles from the United States, they are very expensive. That is why we have proposed to give them a break so that they can have this type of vehicles from New Zealand and Australia."

Tusa Misi Tupuola says a committee is looking into the matter.

The issue has sparked some protest among the country's business community who says it would be too costly for the country.