14 Aug 2007

Tongan Human Rights movement calls for lifting of state of emergency on Tongatapu

6:09 pm on 14 August 2007

The Human Rights and pro-democracy movement in Tonga is calling for the government to end its use of emergency powers, not extend it.

The government has confirmed that it's extending, for a ninth time since the riots, the state of emergency on Tongatapu over their concerns of underlying elements which could flare up and cause trouble.

But, the vice-chairman of the movement, Lepolo Taunisila, says there is no need for the government to do so.

"I think it's about time to remove that emergency law because I've seen nothing happening in the country. Everything is back to normal and that people are busy. And, I think it's just an insecurity knowing that a lot of government policies that they have made - they know that people are concerned about and the people don't agree with."

Lepolo Taunisila says they're seeking legal advice on whether to challenge the government in court over its ongoing use of emergency powers.