24 Jul 2007

Tonga's PSA calls for meeting with P.M. to avert industrial action

1:41 pm on 24 July 2007

Tonga's Public Servants Association is calling on the prime minister, Dr Fred Sevele, to agree to a meeting with the PSA over pay and conditions in order to avert industrial action.

Its secretary, Mele 'Amanaki, says this is a last opportunity for the prime minister to respond to their ongoing requests for dialogue.

She says the PSA is also concerned about public servants being threatened by Ministers and CEOs with losing their jobs for signing a petition calling on the government not to breach an agreement over their pay and conditions.

Ms 'Amanaki says they have a right under the constitution to voice their concerns.

She says they are sending a letter today to Dr. Sevele, asking for a meeting next week.

"We're asking again, for the last time, to the prime minister for an opportunity to talk. We will be submitting a letter to ask him for about one last time an opportunity to talk in order to prevent any industrial action."

The secretary of Tonga's PSA, Mele 'Amanaki.