11 Jul 2007

Samoa effort to revive coconut oil industry

2:44 pm on 11 July 2007

Samoa's Coconut Society says it is determined to revive the coconut oil industry by itself.

It plans to import several coconut oil mills from India to produce cold pressed coconut oil for export.

There was talk of cooperation between India and Samoa to get the mills for free, but nothing has eventuated.

The Society's President Sala Vaimili II says they are issuing 2.6 million shares to members, at 36 US cents per share.

He says the offer extends to people in New Zealand to finance the mills, and kickstart what is potentially a highly lucrative industry in Samoa.

"Less talk more actions. And also we have to determine, and we thought that rather than waste our time to approach the government we just have to get on and do it ourselves. We also have to organise ourselves and come to New Zealand in a sort of collective fundraising."

Sala Vaimili, the president of Samoa's Coconut Society