19 Jun 2007

Fiji Chinese businessman claims senior Fiji police have close ties with Chinese mafia

3:06 pm on 19 June 2007

A Chinese businessman in Fiji says he plans to formally complain to the incoming police commissioner Captain Esala Teleni about corrupt public sector officials who are allegedly being paid off by the Chinese mafia.

Kester Yee alleges senior police officers are among those being paid off by the mafia, who commit terrible crimes and get away with it.

He says he has often complained to the police in the past, but nothing has been done.

Mr Yee says he is appealing to the interim regime, which has set up a commission against corruption, to act.

"I support going to them now. I talk to you finish and I go government and complain to the police section. They are police corruption. I complain to them now 6 to 7 years til now, and they never resolve anything."

Mr Yee says he is the only one brave enough to complain to authorities as he is not afraid of the Chinese mafia, whereas others are afraid of retribution.