18 Jun 2007

American Samoa prison guard to make second appearance in Honolulu court

10:51 am on 18 June 2007

A former American Samoa prison guard will appear later this month at the federal court in Honolulu, in connection with the investigation into the alleged beating of a prison inmate by former warden Mika Kelemete

Siaumau Mapu, pleaded not guilty in March to lying to federal agents who were investigating the beating.

Mapu and Kelemete are scheduled to face a trial next month at the federal court in Honolulu.

However, court records show that Mapu is scheduled to appear on June 26th for a "change of plea" hearing.

Sources says Mapu will enter a guilty plea.

Mapu was reportedly one of the prison guards present at the time of the alleged assault of the inmate.