12 Jun 2007

New Vanuatu minister says he is up to challenges

10:52 am on 12 June 2007

Vanuatu's new Minister of Internal Affairs, Philip Boedoro, says he's confident he can manage one of the most challenging ministerial portfolios.

The Maewo MP takes over from George Wells whose removal as minister follows his recent departure from the Vanuaaku Pati.

A provision in the agreement which binds the Vanuaaku Pati to the coalition government stipulates that the Minister for Internal Affairs must be a VP member.

The Prime Minister subsequently replaced Mr Wells with Mr Boedoro, a VP backbencher and former Minister of Reform, who says he's ready for the challenge of running one of the country's biggest ministries.

"I will be looking forward with all these challenges that we face. As long as we manage ourselves properly then I believe that we can handle these situations and there are different situations that come up but it depends on how we manage ourselves within the different situations that we face."

Philip Boedoro says his experience in the police force will also help him as the Minister that oversees the arms of the Police force.