22 May 2007

Fiji lecturer says media in self-censorship

6:52 am on 22 May 2007

An academic in Fiji says the country's media does a lot of self-censorship because they don't want to put people in danger of being taken away by the military for questioning.

Recently a local businessman was taken to the military barracks and reportedly beaten after he was suspected of being linked to blogs critical of the interim-regime.

A radio and multi-media lecturer at the USP, Patrick Craddock, says if there's a question of ethics and inaccurate information, the proper process to go through is to lodge a complaint with the media council, but the army is by-passing that.

"Quite a few journalists are apprehensive, newspapers are still wary of putting bylines on stories because they don't want their staff to be taken away, so it's the protection of the author...they're doing a lot of self-censorship because they have to be wary, sometimes for instance an NGO will say, you can use this information but don't use my name."

Patrock Craddock, lecturer at the USP.