2 May 2007

Fiji activists say human rights still being abused

7:32 pm on 2 May 2007

Activists in Fiji say human rights are still being abused and many people are fearful that in speaking out harm may come to themselves or their families.

Five weblogs have emerged carrying anti interim government sentiments.

One is Good Men (and Women) Doing Something.com. and a blogger, dubbed Fijian Black, says people are too scared to speak out.

"People are very careful now who they talk to. Now if you want to voice an opinion you know if this opinion falls into the wrong hands you will be taken up to the military camp. It would be like a Gestapo situation."

Fijian Black says the media is being censored and the internet is one of the few options for people wanting to comment.

Shamima Ali from the NGO Women's Crisis Centre, agrees and says people are still being taken in for questioning, although she says it happens less frequently than a few months ago.