26 Apr 2007

Fiji blog calls for passive resistance in defence of democracy

7:16 pm on 26 April 2007

A Fiji weblog says the coup culture thrives in the country because people do not do anything about it.

In the blog Good Men (and Women) Doing Something, a writer dubbed Fijian Black has called on the public of Fiji to passively resist the interim regime, by staying home on next Tuesday, May 1st.

Fijian Black says Fijians need to be more pro-active in defending their democracy, rights and the future of the country.

Another weblog, Intelligentsiya, calls for a focus on the the restoration of democracy, human rights abuses and the removal of the military from all levels of government.

It says the military, which was once a proud institution, loved in Fiji and respected around the world, has, in the past few months completely and utterly morphed into a dictatorial, ruthless regime, that is not motivated

by a patriotic love of Fiji, but by greed, fear and insecurity.

The blog says it is a sad state of affairs when the army of a nation needs its guns to protect itself against it's own citizens.