16 Apr 2007

New Zealand and Australia told to work harder to understand Fiji's problems

7:22 pm on 16 April 2007

Fiji's military land force commander, Colonel Pita Driti, says New Zealand and Australia make no effort to understand Fiji's problems and that is why he suggested it might be better if they closed down their missions.

Col Driti was quoted on the Fijilive website saying the war of words between Fiji and its bigger brothers since the military takeover last December has gone too far.

He says under such circumstances there is no point having the missions in Suva.

But Col Driti says he also recognizes that it is a globalised world and all countries need to work together.

"All I am trying to point out is we need to understand each other. They need to understand our problems, that's all that's all. All I said was there were times in my command when I sort of thought, well, may be it is best for them to pack and go if they don't want to understand our problems."

Colonel Pita Driti