16 Apr 2007

Solomons earthquake also triggers landslides

10:59 am on 16 April 2007

The recent massive earthquake in Solomon Islands that has devastated Western and Choiseul Provinces, has also triggered a series of fatal landslides on Ranonga Island.

A team of local geologists, a vulcanologist and a civil engineer, deployed on Emergency Relief Operations at Gizo, have undertaken a preliminary field survey on Simbo and Ranongga, and have seen the extensive damage caused by the landslides.

The team reported that at Mondo Village a landslide had claimed the lives of two villagers, destroyed two houses and one child who was trapped in the landslide debris was rescued after almost two and half hours.

The Solomon Island Broadcasting Corporation says the survey team reported that about 95 percent of the landslides had occurred inland.

Meanwhile, the team said the landslides along the entire coastline of Ranongga suggests that whole of the western coast is a fault zone.