30 Mar 2007

Three police personnel in Tonga on suspension over allegations of brutality

7:34 am on 30 March 2007

The police in Tonga are investigating three of its personnel over allegations of police brutality.

The acting police commander, Taniela Faletau says police have received complaints from the public about beatings and brutal treatment of suspects in connection with last year's riots.

Taniela Faletau says one man, 'Alipate Fifita, also complained that he was severely beaten by police.

The three police personnel in Tonga have been on suspension since last Friday.

Mr Faletau says police are doing everything it can to probe further into the matter, despite claim that the matter will be swept under the carpet.

Meanwhile, preliminary hearings involving suspects from last November's riots still underway at the Magistrate court, Nuku'alofa.