28 Mar 2007

PNG farmers call for fresh efforts to eradicate cocoa pod borer

9:39 am on 28 March 2007

Stakeholders in Papua New Guinea's agriculture industry have again called on the Agriculture and Live-stock Minister Sasa Zibe to act on the recommendations of the cocoa pod borer exit report.

The report, prepared by the Emergency Response Unit, was released after the apparent eradication of the borer.

But the cocoa pod borer has reappeared in the Vudal Tais Tokiala smallholder block after the PNG cocoa board announced that it was eradicated.

The Post Courier newspaper reports stakeholders have drawn up an NEC submission to get funding from the national government to combat the latest outbreak.

The cocoa pod borer damages cocoa by laying eggs on the cocoa pod for its larvae to feed on.