26 Mar 2007

Tonga launches journalism training

3:42 pm on 26 March 2007

The Media Council of Tonga says the certificate course on Media and Journalism studies launched today is a very important step for journalism in Tonga.

The course is the first formal training course in journalism to be offered in Tonga.

The chairman of the Media Council of Tonga and editor of the Matangi Tonga online, Pesi Fonua, says the majority of people who work in the Tongan media learn on the job.

He says it's hard to get information from the government and the training will give journalists the confidence and skills to get the information they need.

"Having trained media people helps when they can pinpoint on what they need to know and they can follow up on pieces. Particularly now where it is a very complicated situation here with following the riots, all the legal matters. It really requires a lot of understanding of what's happening."

Pesi Fonua says the training will also cover the legal issues surrounding journalism.