20 Feb 2007

Fiji's CCF concurs with Forum findings on coup

2:51 pm on 20 February 2007

Fiji's Citizens Constitutional Forum says many of the recommendations that have emerged from the Eminent Persons Report on the military takeover last December are similar to suggestions put forward by NGOs.

The CCF was one of a group that spoke to four senior figures investigating the cause of the coup and looking at recommending a way forward on behalf of the Pacific Islands Forum.

At the time, the military indicated the group's visit might not have any impact.

But a spokesman for the CCF, Jone Dakuvula, says it may be significant that a special meeting of the interim Cabinet has been called for today:

"I think the fact that they are meeting to discuss mean that they are taking the matter very seriously and I think we will have to wait until they prenounce on their position, if they decide to pronounce on their position, or the Foreign Ministers meeting."

Jone Dakuvula