26 Jan 2007

Fiji Law Society cancels military lawyers' practising certificates

6:57 pm on 26 January 2007

The Fiji military is claiming that the Law Society there has hampered the work of senior military lawyers by cancelling their practising certificates.

Radio Legend reports that this was revealed by the director of the military legal services, Col Mohammed Aziz, in an affidavit presented in a court case.

Colonel Aziz says the military cannot hire civilian lawyers due to national security and public safety reasons.

He also claims that the Fiji Law Society decision to suspend his and other lawyers' practicing certificates is biased.

This is because the society president, Davnesh Sharma, is the defence lawyer in an upcoming court martial which Col Aziiz will be prosecuting.

The Fiji Human Rights Commission is taking the Law Society to court over this matter with the case due to be heard by the acting chief Justice, Justice Anthony Gates, early next month.