4 Jan 2007

New American Samoa Representatives sworn in

11:19 am on 4 January 2007

The 21-member House of Representatives in American Samoa will be sworn in today, with election of the House Speaker its top priority.

Only 20 elected House members will cast secret ballots for the Speaker's race.

The 21st member is the non-voting Delegate from Swains Island.

Longtime House Speaker Matagi M. McMoore was defeated during the November 7th election, and two new candidates are seeking the Speaker's chair.

Besides the election of the Speaker, House members will also vote for two other elected posts; the Chief House Clerk, and the Sergeant-at-Arms.

And for the first time, there will be two female lawmakers sitting at the same time in the House.

The pair are incumbent Mary Lauagaia Taufete'e and government director and former House member, Fiasili Puni Haleck.