1 Dec 2006

Fiji's opposition leader says military does not have support

11:52 am on 1 December 2006

Fiji's opposition leader Mick Beddoes says Commodore Bainimarama does not have the support of the people to take over the Government of Fiji.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama has threatened a military coup at 1 o'clock this afternoon unless the government meets all of his demands.

Mr Beddoes says a lack of urgency in dealing the issues in the initial stages has caused events to escalate rapidly.

He says a coup will cost Fiji businesses millions of dollars in lost revenue and thousands will lose their jobs.

However, Mr Beddoes believes the patience of Fijians for the military is waning and says if the military continues to ignore the Government's concessions, the people of Fiji need to join together and voice their opposition.