27 Nov 2006

French Polynesian prince defends his claim to title

11:56 am on 27 November 2006

The man planning to restore the Kingdom of Tahiti says the authorities want to steal his identity.

The Prince Royal of Tahaa Tauatomo Mairau says the treaty signed in 1880 between France and the Tahitian king states that the Tahitians are allowed to keep their titles and that land matters remain the prerogative of the Tahitians.

But the French state prosecutor in Papeete has now told a local newspaper that official documents confirming the prince's title are a mistake committed by his secretariat.

The Prince Royal of Tahaa says the title is hereditary and the judicial authorities cannot deny it.

"They want to to take away my identity. They want to take away my title. It's not me who has given this. It comes from God."

The Prince Royal of Tahaa Tauatomo Mairau