23 Nov 2006

Community police on Bougainville undergo training in Buka

2:44 pm on 23 November 2006

One hundred members of the community auxiliary police force or CAPS have just undergone a three day training camp in the Papua New Guinea autonomous province of Bougainville.

The CAPS, who work as village police around Bougainville, attended the workshop on Buka.

It was run by five officers from the New Zealand police who covered a range of issues including domestic violence.

Representatives from the New Zealand woman's refuge group, the local judiciary and CID all gave presentations.

Bougainville's 350 CAPS all undergo monthly training sessions by the New Zealand police.

New Zealand Inspector Kevin Riordan says it keeps their skills up to date.

"They need to know the law, so alot of it is law related education and what we're trying to do is over the period of three years that New Zealand police have been here in such numbers we're just upskilling them on a daily basis."