20 Nov 2006

Fiji Labour Party orders all MPS to be in parliament to vote against budget

10:19 am on 20 November 2006

The Fiji Labour Party has ordered all its MPs, including the nine cabinet ministers in the multi-party government, to be present in parliament and vote against the 2007 Budget.

The decision was reached at the party's annual delegates' conference at Nadi at the weekend at which only three cabinet ministers were present.

The FLP president, Jokapeci Koroi, says Labour will not allow its ministers to use the multi-party cabinet as an excuse to shirk their duty and loyalty to the party.

Mrs Koroi says some Labour ministers are overseas and she called on the SDL not to send them abroad.

She says any breach of the party's values and principles and its commitment to the poor and underprivileged would face disciplinary action from Labour's national council later this month.