20 Nov 2006

Cooks government moves to ensure money supply

6:03 am on 20 November 2006

The Cook Islands Government has moved to ensure a supply of money.

It has invoked the Doctrine of Necessity to enable the Government's money supply to continue beyond tomorrow, Monday local time.

The Cook Islands Herald reports that a proclamation providing bridging finance until Parliament meets and the Budget is passed was issued by the Queen's Representative, Sir Fredrick Goodwin.

The money supply problem arose because Parliament was dissolved in July and early general elections called on the eve of the Budget vote.

Parliament has been unable to meet since the elections on 26 September to pass the Budget because court petitions challenging results are still being heard.

The Cook Islands Herald said both the Prime Minister, Jim Marurai and Sir Fredrick

referred to unusual circumstances as a result of the drawn out electoral petitions.

Mr Marurai said there are fears basic services such as police, health,

and welfare would either cease to operate or become severely limited.