6 Nov 2006

French Polynesia's disbanded GIP force considers new blockades and occupations

4:26 pm on 6 November 2006

The former leader of French Polynesia's disbanded GIP intervention force, Leonard Puputauki, has ruled out more talks with the government over financial demands for former GIP staff, accusing both the president and the negotiating minister of not telling the truth.

Mr Puputauki, who has been setting up road blocks in the Papeete area with impunity, says he may again set up roadblocks around Papeete.

Last month, he had them in place for 11 days, including during two days when all road access to the capital was cut.

After the collapse of the latest talks at the presidential palace, Mr Puputauki has told RFO radio that there may be further disruptions.

"If we have to set up all the blockades, why not? If we have to retake the presidency, why not that too? and to take over the assembly why not?"

As part of his campaign against the government, Mr Puputauki and other groups occupied key buildings two weeks ago but they were evicted by French riot police within a day.

This prompted him to organise a march to demand the resignation of the French high commissioner, Anne Boquet.