2 Nov 2006

PNG military personnel reinstated after inquiry into Julian Moti's flight from the country

6:57 pm on 2 November 2006

Three defence force personnel in Papua New Guinea have been reinstated today after they were suspended eight days ago following the escape of Solomon Islands attorney general Julian Moti.

Mr Moti was arrested in Papua New Guinea on a request by Australia on child sex offences dating back to 1997.

He fled to Solomon Islands in a PNG defence force aeroplane but was re-arrested upon landing.

Three separate enquiries into the matter are underway, although Benny Sandeka from the defence force says their investigation is over.

"The investigation has been completed and was handed to the PNG commander yesterday. The report will go to the defence council. The defence council will go to it and make their own recommendations and will be given to the government."

Once the two other investigations by the Ombudsman and the Prime Ministers' office are completed, the findings will be made public.