23 Oct 2006

New Caledonia strike enters second month

5:23 pm on 23 October 2006

A CSTNC union strike in New Caledonia has entered its second month and is affecting the territory's economy seriously.

The union wants all Filipinos employed by the Goro Nickel mining company to leave the territory and the government to resign.

Police say there are no new blockades, but one out of four SLN mines in the north is still blocked.

The SLN mining company's spokesperson, Florence Dhie, says activity at its smelter in Noumea, the Doniambo, is still hampered.

"We have two mines that we can't take the mineral back to Doniambo, so it is still a problem. So for the Doniambo, we have something like seventy or eighty percent activity and for the mines it's half perhaps."

Florence Dhie

Last week, French police intervened to help the company secure access to one mine, because its smelter has been running short of ore supplies

Meanwhile, Goro says it is operating normally again.