26 Sep 2006

American Samoa police investigate death of Tuvaluan fisherman

6:02 am on 26 September 2006

Police in American Samoa are investigating the death of a Tuvaluan fisherman over the weekend.

The Samoa News says five Samoan fishermen from the Apera II fishing boat were arrested over the weekend in connection with the death of Kalele Taleka.

The newspaper quotes two witnesses saying that Mr Taleka was at a barbecue Friday night onboard the Apera II.

The witnesses say that during the party an altercation ensued and the five Samoan men allegedly beat up Mr Taleka and then threw him overboard.

The witnesses further alleges that Mr Taleka hit his head on a concrete off the marina before falling into the water.

The Samoa News says another man belonging to the Apera II was also beaten up by the Samoan fishermen and threw overboard.

He is in hospital.