25 Sep 2006

Assembly president in French Polynesian says Paris concerned about Oscar Temaru

7:32 am on 25 September 2006

The president of the French Polyensian assembly, Philip Schyle says Paris is worried about what he calls the growing aggressiveness by the French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru.

Speaking on local television in Tahiti, Mr Schyle says he has spent a week in France meeting officials of the presidency, the government and the overseas territories minister who he says are all concerned about the pro-independence calls by Mr Temaru.

Mr Schyle says Mr Temaru's obsessive talk about possible independence unsettles investors and the French state, which wonders whether there is still a point in transferring 1.5 billion US dollars to a territory whose president and maybe the population want independence.

He has urged Mr Temaru not to bite the hand that feeds him, saying he should be realistic and understand that the money sent from France is the engine of the French Polynesian economy.