29 Aug 2006

Vanuatu Minister for Justice and Social Welfare says time for action not words

3:14 pm on 29 August 2006

Vanuatu's Minister for Justice and Social Welfare, Isabelle Donald Sikawonuta, says women need to be more proactive if they want to improve their status in the country.

The Minister's comments comes midway through a week long Forum in Port Vila where 100 women are meeting to map out an action plan for women's development to 2011.

However, Mrs Sikawonuta says while planing is good, the women have to be proactive as well.

"Rather than talking, talking, and too much paperwork sitting up down in the office, I think and I emphasise that women should really do the particular work to become more good leaders in Vanuatu, [rather] than too much talking and too much planning and nothing happening."

The Forum will also study a report from working groups who have been analysing the progress of Vanuatu's women over the past decade.