22 Aug 2006

Solomon Islands private security company calls for closer links to police

9:46 am on 22 August 2006


A group of private security companies in Solomon Islands is talking about setting standards for the industry.

The managing director of Professional Security Services Limited, Nathaniel Dawheya, says with the proliferation of private security firms in the last year, there is a need to regulate the way they all operate.

He says as a result of the years of ethnic tension and the recent riots, there has been increased demand for private security.

Mr Dawheyah says there are probably a 1,000 plus security guards operating now, compared to the 5 to 600 last year, but there are no industry standards.

He says he would also like to see closer co-operation with the police.

"If there's an incident, you know the emergency number to call the police on but there isn't like an emergency plan or something of that nature that is in place for the police and the security industry to work together so I think there's an opportunity for that and I think that should happen in the future.

Mr Dawheyah says several of the bigger security companies will be meeting to discuss the future of the industry.