14 Aug 2006

Marshall Islanders given free energy efficient light bulbs

10:18 am on 14 August 2006

A London-based NGO has given the Marshall Islands 10,000 energy efficient light bulbs to help it cut fuel costs to generate electricity.

Climate Care has donated Chinese-made bulbs worth about 10 US dollars each, which will be installed in homes in Majuro by the Marshalls Energy Company.

The power company says the aim is to cut imported fuel costs, reduce resident's power bills and help stem greenhouse gas emissions.

The company's special projects manager, Steve Wakefield, says the scheme could could save the company around 150,000 US dollars a year in fuel costs.

Mr Wakefield says there are around 3,500 electricity customers in Majuro and the scheme will cut costs for them.

"One 20 watt complex fluorescent light bulb can save the houseowner about a hundred dollars a year off their electricity bill, just one light bulb. And most of these houses will probably have four of these light bulbs installed."

Mr Wakefield says the Marshall Islands has been faced with skyrocketing fuel prices and an electricity rate increase.