25 Jul 2006

Fiji secondary school closes because of money problems

6:10 am on 25 July 2006

A Fiji secondary school has been forced to tell its 1,100 students to stay home from today because the ministry of education has defaulted on paying its tuition grants so far this year.

Radio Fiji reports that the management of Vunimono High School near Nausori has decided to close the school indefinitely.

The school's electricity supply has also been cut off because the bills had not been paid.

The school secretary, Jai Prakash, says the education ministry owes them more than 17-thousand-500 US dollars to help with the running costs of the school.

He says they will only be able to resume classes after the education ministry pays its share of tuition grants for the first term of this year.

The deputy secretary for education, Filimoni Jitoko, was quoted as saying he was not aware of the school's decision.