5 Jul 2006

Call for giant mine in Papua to close to allow review of its operations

2:42 pm on 5 July 2006

Indonesia's Mining Advocacy Network has called for the closure of the Freeport McMoran copper and gold mine in Papua province.

The Network's executive director, Siti Maimunah, says the mine should shut down at least temporarily to allow the government to review the impact of its operations.

Ms Maimunah dismisses the notion that the Grasberg mine has brought any welfare or wealth to local people in Timika or Papua in general.

She says that by dumping illegal levels of toxic waste from the mine in nearby rivers, Freeport is robbing the livelihood of local fishermen.

Ms Maimunah adds that Freeport is also contributing to human rights violations because of its relationship with Indonesian security forces...

"Because Freeport is paying the military there. And it's already reported by the Human Rights Commission - evidence that human rights violations happen in that mine area. It's relating with how the company is paying the military there."

Siti Maimunah of the Mining Advocacy Network