4 Jul 2006

Cook Islands Public Service Commissioner to introduce amended performance clauses

1:08 pm on 4 July 2006

The Cook Islands Public Service Commissioner, Navy Epati, is to introduce amended performance clauses in the contracts of the newly-appointed heads of government ministries.

Mr Epati says there have been performance reviews included in previous contracts but there was a focus on timeliness not on results.

He says the Public Service Commission needs to ensure that the heads of government departments work on delivering what is needed in the community.

Mr Epati says it could take about six months to install the amended performance clauses.

"Not only do we need to put in place an effective performance monitoring regime, we have to make sure it has continuity built into these systems. And, that the people that are supposed to be monitored under these systems know exactly what their obligations are under the law and under the system."