3 Jul 2006

Fiji's Attorney-General says Labour Party infighting could threaten coalition government

1:59 pm on 3 July 2006

Fiji's Attorney General says the infighting in the Labour Party could threaten the fragile coalition government.

Qoriniasi Bale says there are already unresolved issues in the multi-party cabinet and the crisis in the Labour party is adding to the tension.

Mr Bale says anything that threatens the power sharing arrangement between the ruling SDL party and Labour is a major concern.

"Of course I'm concerned. It is a constitutional arrangement that we are trying to work. And anything that might impact on it adversely is something that the Prime Minister will be concerned about and as Attorney General I would also be conscious about."

President Josefa Iloilo is questioning whether Mahendra Chaudhry is the legitimate leader of the Labour party following claims that he was not re-endorsed as the leader after the general elections in May.

A dissenting faction in the party told President Iloilo that Mr Chaudhry was not the official leader and could not nominate senators for the Upper House.